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Welcome to the Parish of Almondbury with Farnley Tyas

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Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and current advice from the Church of England, all our regular Church Services have been suspended until further notice.

We have now been asked to close our church buildings. But we know that that Church of our Lord Jesus Christ is not made of buildings, but is made up of all of us who worship in spirit and in truth. We are the Body of Christ, and we are always open for business.

And our business now is to care for each other - to care for our families, neighbors, communities, nation and the world. For some this will include doing shopping for those who cannot go out, phoning people to check on them and just enjoying a friendly conversation, using social media to stay connected with friends and family, or even video chatting. We need to help people stay mentally as well as physically healthy. So don’t be shy, phone a friend.

We also need to consider what we can do to support our wider community. Please support the Welcome Centre in Huddersfield and other charities as you can, they will be key in making sure the most vulnerable are cared for at this time.

May God’s blessing light upon each of you, and sustain you in all goodness.

Revd Jessica Malay

For information on broadcast and online Services available and support for daily prayer please see the links on the right of this page.