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Holy Week & Easter Letter

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ

Blessings to you during this Holy Week.  We are in a unique position this week to travel with Christ as he faced the pain of the loss of friends, betrayal, and death.  The busy lives we generally lead have been slowed, quieted, and many of us live in a physical isolation we have never known.  This is hardship, but it also provides us space and time to spend with our God.  Below are reflective activities for Maundy Thursday and Easter Sunday, developed by our own Archdeacon, the Ven Dr Anne Dawtry. 

Seven Actions -  A Service of Prayer for Maundy Thursday

The Path of Joy - A Meditation for Easter Day

I would also like to suggest that on Good Friday you take some time for contemplation, turning off your televisions, radios, computers and telephones.  Use this time to read the passion narratives in one or more of the Gospels and spend some time walking with those disciples that followed Jesus to the cross, the women - especially the three Marys, Mary Magdalen, Mary, mother of Jesus, and Mary Clopas, likely Jesus’s aunt, and also the beloved disciple.  All of these we know by the Gospel accounts stood as witnesses to Christ’s death, and also witnesses to his Resurrection. 

I have made a video of the Easter Readings, and have included some short thoughts and a poem.  I’m afraid the ‘production’ quality is not high,  but I hope that you enjoy it. 

Watch Here.

There are quite a lot of more professionally made streamed services for Easter, reflections and thoughts and these can be found here:

Streaming Easter Services

The BBC One Easter service is at 11.25am on Sunday: The Very Reverend Kathy Jones leads the Easter Sunday service from Bangor Cathedral in north Wales. The preacher is the Right Reverend Andy John, Bishop of Bangor.

Have a Blessed and Joyful Easter. And on this Easter day, let us follow the advice of St Paul and spend the day in thoughtful contemplation:

Beloved, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is pleasing, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence and if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things. (Philippians 4.8)

I continue praying for all of you each day, and celebrating the Eucharist each day at about 8.30 am.  I will not celebrate the Eucharist this week on from Thursday – Saturday, but will celebrate the Eucharist at 10.30 am on Easter Sunday and you are all invited to participate spiritually in this Eucharist.  Please see the link on the right of this page for advice on taking communion spiritually.

With all love and blessings through Christ our Lord,
Revd Jessica Malay