Healing and Wholeness

The next Healing Service is on Saturday 7th December 2019, 6.30 p.m. in All Hallows Church.

HealingWhen we read the stories of Jesus, and the things that he did, one of the things that stands out is the way in which he healed people. Sometimes he healed them from physical illness, sometimes it was from anxiety or depression. On other occasions he released people from a sense that they were held captive by forces they could not understand. In each of these situations, Jesus responded to the particular needs of those he met by offering healing and restoring people to wholeness of life.

All that we learn of Jesus in the gospel stories is also true now, in the present time.  Jesus continues to meet people in their everyday lives at their point of need and he offers the possibility of change and new life.  He also asks us, as Christians, to follow his example by praying with others for healing and wholeness.

This ministry is not something extraordinary, but a deepening and development of what is always at the centre of the Gospel.

“The Healing Ministry is Jesus’ ministry entrusted to us, always to be exercised with reverence, love and compassion. The guiding principle is to recognise the presence of God in those receiving this ministry and honour his presence in them”