Almondbury with Farnley Tyas

Sharing the love of Christ in the community

First Sunday after Trinity

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ

This week I’ve been thinking much about the events that have been unfolding in America and throughout the world.  And it keeps coming back to me, that our Savior gave us everything we needed millennia ago to solve these problems of exploitation, cruelty, thoughtlessness, persecution, hatred.  Evelyn Underhill writes about this when she talks about the life we are called to by our Lord, a life of Charity, of Love.  She writes

A life of Charity is that which considers everything in creation with a deep reverence; to enter into its wonder, and find in it the mysterious intimations of the Father of Life, the Maker of all things, that Creative Love through which all has come into being. (Underhill, School of Charity, p. 15). 

To consider everything, everyone that God has made with deep reverence?  If we could do that what problems could we not solve?  Underhill tells us that we ‘must look at the world with eyes cleansed by prayer and brought into focus with humility’ (p. 15).

We can do this, we can look at the world cleansed by prayer.  And through prayer we can be part of and help others to be a part of that deep reverence of all that God has created, everyone that God has created.  Its pretty simple, and as always God gives us the tools, gives us what we need to solve the great problems of this world.

The newspapers don’t generally report on it, or don’t always recognize, when God’s love is moving in the events of the world.  But we know in whom we trust and we know that we need not despair.  It seems like there are old problems that are never sorted, but when we look in a prayerful and reflective way we can see even in the disturbing events of the past few weeks God’s grace moving, strengthening in us that reverence which will in God’s good time, see God’s creative love - that great light - overshine the entire world.  And let us not forget those gifts of the spirit - patience, fortitude, awe of the Lord.  

And so we pray that God helps us to discern the path we are to take as a part of God’s creative love - creating through God the world that we long to see.


This week we will have a service of the Word through Zoom, login information forthcoming.  I will be on a short ‘holiday’ this weekend, which I hope includes some nice long walks - weather permitting.  And I’ll be back with you next week.  Anadelle will also circulate a sheet of other worship services and opportunities for you to use as we all continue to develop our spiritual life at this time.

May God’s love and blessing be with you all,

Revd Jessica Malay